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NursingOnline Home Health Aide Training

Home health aide schools are not available completely online, although students can choose a hybrid certificate program. This program combines online learning with hands-on training in either classrooms or health care centres.

The timeframe to complete an online HHA certificate program can range from as short as 6 weeks to 6 months. The students can learn courses such as communication skills, prevention of infectious diseases, basic medical terms, theories and treatments through online classes. There are some online courses that also provide interactions, live discussions and examples. The advancement of technology such as the use of interactive blackboard and other online mangament tools has made all this possible. After completing the online courses, students might required to complete their practical skills offline in order to graduate from the HHA certificate program. It may anything from 20 hours up to 32 hours of training.

Home health aide is sometimes confused with certified nursing aide, although they are quite similar, there is a slight different requirements for their descriptions and certfications. HHA certificate program needs to be complete academically online as well as offline.

Online Home Health Aide Certificate

HHA certification is created to provide home healthcare for patients who wants to live in their own homes. The typical skills involved in the training are learning the basics of life support, a basic understanding of medical terminology, symptoms and treatments, how to care for patients with special dietary and medication needs. Although it is not compulsory for all health aide agencies, it is beneficial for the studetns to undergo national certification exams created by National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC).

HHA Certification Requirements

It is important for the students to be aware of the fact that HHA certification is to be completed both online and offline as well. This is because in the real work environment, the students will be dealing directly with the patients and they need to learn how to perform their tasks properly under supervision of a certified health aide professionals. Students would need to learn the basic skills such as how to check for vital signs and how to help patients with their everyday tasks. It would be a good idea for the students to check out the availability of local healthcare facilities in order to meet their clinical requirements prior to enrolling for the HHA certification.

Home Health Aide Agencies

Home health aide are employed by most HHA agencies. Agencies that receive compnesation from the government such as Medicare or Medicaid requirese their HHA employees to have completed at least 75 hours of training program with a minimum 16 hours of those being supervised by a licensed nurse. Depending on the state, each sate has different training requirements for HHA certification.

There are a number of courses involved in HHA training program, they are as follows:

  • Home Health Aide Introduction Course
  • Medical Terminology Course
  • Nutrition Course
  • Basic Life Support Course
  • Medication Mathematics Course

Home Health Aide Introduction Course

Introduction HHA course covers the basic overview of the jobs involved as a HHA, their role in the client’s home and how to work with other people such as family members and other health professionals. In addition, things like personal hygiene, meal preparation and social skills are covered.

Medical Terminology Course

This course covers the basic medical terms, common abbreviations, symbols used in medical charts and documents.

Nutrition Course

Depending on the patients, each client has different nutritional intake to suit their health requirements. This course covers the knowledge, skills and techniques in preparing nutritious meals for different clients.

Basic Life Support Course

This course covers topics such as CPR, first aid, how to handle injuries, burns and other life saving techniques.

Medication Mathematics Course

This course covers the skills involved in reading the measurement units of dosage intake and making sure they are within the recommended range, adjusting accordingly to the right dosage.

Home Health Aide Career

Depending on each state, home health aides might be required to do refreshment course on their HHA certifications during their home health aide career. For those who would like to advance to a higher career, HHA is a great way to start out and they can work towards a certified nursing assistant (CNA), an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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